Über Ihn

He is the king of kings, king of glory, king of righteousness

He’s enduringly strong, entirely sincere, eternally steadfast, immortally graceful, imperially powerful, impartially merciful

He heals the sick, forgives sinners, discharges debtors, delivers the captive

He’s the doorway of deliverance, the pathway of peace, the roadway of righteousness, the highway of holiness, the gateway of glory

His life is matchless, his goodness is limitless, his mercy is everlasting, his love never changes, his word is enough, his grace is sufficient

He is indescribable, incomprehensible, invincible, irresistable

The Pharisees couldn’t stop him, Pilate couldn’t find any fault in him, Herod couldn’t kill kim, death couldn’t handle him, the grave couldn’t hold him

He is the air that I breathe and the love of my life

He is Jesus Christ, the Son of God

(Parts by S.M. Lockridge)

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